Why Air Filter replacement is Important???

Why Air Filter replacement is Important???

OWhat prevents minute substances like dust and sand from entering the bike’s engine? It is the air filter. Acting as a cleaning agent this equipment plays a very important role in bike’s performance. Read on to know more!

Air filter: Basics

Fuel within the bike’s engine combines with air entering the engine to initiate the process of combustion which propels the bike forward through the power generated. While air is necessary for combustion and burning of the fuel, harmful pollutants might enter the engine along with air. The task mandated for the air filter is to screen and block such pollutants before air reaches the engine. However, just having an air filter is not the end of having clean air in the engine. Regular cleaning of air filter is equally important as choked air filter reduces the flow of air in the engine. This might result in inadequate combustion within the engine which negatively impacts the bike’s performance.

Air filter: Importance and need

  • Air filter is an important part of your bike’s fuel system. It provides usable clean air for the bike’s carburetion system. This prevents clogging of the carburetion system thereby; reducing chances of breakdown of your bike.
  • Air filter acts as a cleaning mechanism of your bike’s engine. It provides protection to your bike by screening out unwanted and harmful pollutants like dust, sand and grime. This dirt and grime filtered out by the air filter has the potential to cause excessive wear and tear of engine’s internal parts. Without a well performing air filter the engine of your bike might breakdown owing to excessive wear and tear.
  • Air filters provide protection to your bike’s engine for enhanced bike performance. Air filters works to filter any substance that might have crept in the engine oil. It improves the air flow within the engine and ensures enhanced protection of the engine against dirt and grime.
  • Air filter is important to achieve optimum engine performance and to enhance mileage of your bike. On one hand it improves engine performance and consequently on the other hand it provides best fuel efficiency.
  • Air filter provides optimum and clean air to the engine to aid the combustion of fuel within the engine. Without a clear air filter the engine might not be able to burn down fuel to keep the bike running. So, air filter is critical for the smooth working of the bike’s engine.
  • Keep your bike’s lungs in top working condition; ensure regular cleaning and replacement of air filter for superior bike performance. Keep moving and enjoy the ride!!

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