Tips for Air Conditioner  Care & Repair

Tips for Air Conditioner Care & Repair

A vehicle’s air conditioning system is vital on those hot and humid Missouri days.  Taking care of your system and understanding how to repair minor issues is important for every car owner.

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Below are some tips to help your system run more smoothly and last as long as possible:

  • Run AC once a month:Even during winter, you should try to run your AC for at least ten minutes a month. Doing so will help maintain the gas pressure and help keep the compressor working properly. To test, turn the AC to the highest possible speed and the coldest setting.
  • Use the AC even in winter months:Air conditioning is not only important for cooling, but for removing humidity from the car. For instance, you can use it to remove fog from the windshield.
  • Run defrost mode five to ten minutes per month: This helps to clean out excessive moisture and prevent mildew buildup.
  • Recharge your battery:Getting your battery recharged is important because it refreshes your cooling system. It is recommended you do this approximately every two years.
  • Get it serviced professionally: Have your AC system serviced at least every other year before the hot season. One of the most important parts of the air conditioner that should be inspected is the compressor drive belt, which should be checked for damage such as seal failure and hardening of the hoses. Bubbles and cracks in the system should be checked as well. Double checking the refrigerant level is also extremely important.

Car AC Troubleshooting

Below are common car AC problems and possible solutions:

  • Weak airflow. There are many reasons for this problem. Some can be an easy fix while others may be a more serious air conditioning problem. It could mean a loose hose, a broken or torn seal, mold or mildew accumulation, or the ventilation fan may be broken.
  • Not blowing cold enough air.A variety of reasons for this problem exist, including a Freon leak, clogged hose, failed compressor, failed blower motor or switch.
  • Odor coming from A/C.Oftentimes, a nasty moldy odor can come from your air conditioner, meaning you have an old or dirty cabin filter or that water has been sitting in the evaporator case and the drain is blocked causing mold build up.
  • A/C Leak.Rubber seals and hoses can lose their elasticity over time causing Freon to escape and allowing moisture build up in the car. Moisture can ruin your air conditioning system so detecting leaks is vital.
  • Refrigerant breakdown.This can cause problems in the compressor. “A refrigerant breakdown will result in ugly wear, starting in the compressor. From there, the sharp and grimy metal particles created during compressor breakdown can then travel through the rest of your AC system, wreaking havoc on the entire system.”

 It is important to adhere to these tips on how to car for your car’s AC system and watch for potential issues that may cause your cooling system to run poorly or not at all.  Regular maintenance can also help with problems that could occur in the future.



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