How to Care Your Car During Rainy Season ????

How to Care Your Car During Rainy Season ????

Monsoon season brings a host of problems for your car. Do you know how to Care Your Car During Rainy Season  ? Here are the best Monsoon Car Care Tips for you. Follow this and protect your car/bike or any other vehicle without issues. During rainy season water, humidity and moisture spell disaster for the electronic gadgets and metal ware. All these are very easy-to-follow tips and tricks that should make driving easier and more enjoyable during the upcoming monsoons. All this makes your driving easier and safer this season.


Check the condition of tires first, this should be in good condition, specially during monsoon. Check for worn-out treads, since they prevent aquaplaning.  Use a tyre tread depth gauge to monitor the condition of your car’s tyres. Also use a coin to check if the depth is within the advised limits.

Brakes and Wiper

Check the brakes, wiper blades and the wash wipe system. You must replace worn-out components, if any.

Chassis water drain holes

Get a qualified person to ensure that the chassis water drain holes are not obstructed.


Wet roads absorb more light, consequently affecting visibility. Make sure the lights are working. You can also get auxiliary lights if you feel the need.


Draping your car in a cover in humid conditions is a sin. This cause the car’s body to rust. This will causes the rust to set in faster and deeper. Always Park your car in a space with decent ventilation. Clean the tie rod ends, and coil springs.


Moisture tends to take a toll on the car. Use a rust-fighting cocktail (diesel + used engine oil) on the under body, engine bay, and leaf springs. Apply over exposed chrome on the exteriors. This should not come in contact with your skin, disc brakes, calipers, wheel drums, rubber parts and electrical. Wash it off using diesel and reapply the concoction every few weeks. Wax polish serves the same purpose equally well.


If you spot rust, use a rust-removal powder that is easily available at any accessory shop. Wash the car and pat it dry upon returning from a drive in the rain.

Safe Driving

Avoid flooded roads, and if you must go through one, do not speed through it at any cost. If your car has been submerged, get a technician to inspect and clean it before starting it. If you are unable to open the doors or windows, try to kick out a side or rear window. Stay off the roads if authorities issue such an advisory.

Keep these Things

  • A rope and a shovel.
  • A flashlight
  • Food
  • A medical kit